Boho Maxi Dress


Featuring a floral, vintage, white, coloured or patterned print, the bohemian maxi dress is the most popular boho piece in a woman's wardrobe. It reflects perfectly women's philosophy of freedom and romance.

Smooth and flowing, this easy-to-wear garment never bothers the body and lets it breathe, all while offering a natural style that emphasizes a woman's feminine side. This is precisely the reason behind the bohemian long dress being so popular nowadays.

Long dresses are suitable for year-round wear. Whether it is short sleeves, bared shoulders or delicate straps in summer or long and wide flared sleeves in winter, you will be delighted with these long dresses.

They are perfect for all kinds of occasions, a classy night out, while on holiday or even at the office. Ruffled hems, buttoned openings, sequins, belts and other chic extra touches are perfect to enhance your look and highlight your silhouette. Openwork or semi-transparent fabrics such as lace, embroidery or tulle give a stylish touch.

Boho dresses mix ethnic, retro, rock and folk trends to craft a totally distinctive style that suits you, while challenging today's dress codes. Create the boho outfit that suits your personality by combining your maxi dress with a variety of jewelry and custom accessories.